Who made Perez Hilton part of our community?

Almost everybody I know, gay or straight, hates Perez Hilton. How did this guy get so famous and why is he accepted as a gay activist? After all, he is the one that brought us Lady Gaga, another pox on our community.

A couple years back, I thought Perez Hilton’s career was surely over with. First came the fight with the Black Eyed Peas’ manager, then the post on how he thought Michael Jackson faked his own heart attack. But like cockroaches, Perez Hilton lives on.

He recently went on Ellen to claim that he will stop bullying people. That hasn’t stop. He has only become passive aggressive towards his bullying. The only way this “thing” will stop is if we ignore him. But that’s like ignoring a trainwreck.

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