Gay Website Slanders OC Equality Project

SFGN Slander has written a pathetic hit  piece on my organization as well as a friend of mine, Fernando Palazzo, who writes for I am meeting with a lawyer tomorrow who has successfully sued websites before. I will say that they have tried to reach me through Mr. Palazzo, but he claims the emails went into his junk box.

There are so many lies in the article and I am not going to sit here and defend myself. The organization I have started is relatively new and we haven’t been registered yet in Orange County. Give me some time!

You would  think gays would all work together to try and overcome everything that is against us. Instead, we are at each others’ throats. We are our own worst enemies!

I cannot comment on the situation until I am advised by my lawyer. When I can say more, I will. I really appreciate all the people that brought this slander to my attention and I thank you for your support.

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