Britney Spears Is the World’s Number One Gay Icon

Britney Spears Rules Land of Gays

The Orange County Equality Project has polled gay men all over Southern California to find out who your favorite gay icon is. Here are the results:

Britney Spears—31 percent
Britney Spears has made a major comeback the past couple of years. Many gay men identify with her because of her self-destructive behavior that’s not a fault of her own. But she has made it back and will always be in our hearts.

Madonna—25 percent
Madonna has been at the number one position for years. She hasn’t put an album out in three years, so she has been less visibile to our community. You can expect her to return to number one later this year when she releases a new album.

Lady Gaga—22 percent
I still can’t figure out why gay men fall for the Lady Gaga scam. She’s a talentless singer who is being used by right-wing record executives in order to make gay people look bad. Besides, she is very hard on the eyes!

Katy Perry—12 percent
Katy Perry has something Lady Gaga never had—musical talent. Her song “Fireworks” has far more meaning than Lady Caca’s “Manufactured Born This Way.”

Others to make the list include Barack Obama, Perez Hilton, Hilary Clinton and Cher.

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