Who made Perez Hilton part of our community?

Almost everybody I know, gay or straight, hates Perez Hilton. How did this guy get so famous and why is he accepted as a gay activist? After all, he is the one that brought us Lady Gaga, another pox on our community.

A couple years back, I thought Perez Hilton’s career was surely over with. First came the fight with the Black Eyed Peas’ manager, then the post on how he thought Michael Jackson faked his own heart attack. But like cockroaches, Perez Hilton lives on.

He recently went on Ellen to claim that he will stop bullying people. That hasn’t stop. He has only become passive aggressive towards his bullying. The only way this “thing” will stop is if we ignore him. But that’s like ignoring a trainwreck.

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Gay Website Slanders OC Equality Project

SFGN Slander

SouthFloridaGayNews.com has written a pathetic hit  piece on my organization as well as a friend of mine, Fernando Palazzo, who writes for Examiner.com. I am meeting with a lawyer tomorrow who has successfully sued websites before. I will say that they have tried to reach me through Mr. Palazzo, but he claims the emails went into his junk box.

There are so many lies in the article and I am not going to sit here and defend myself. The organization I have started is relatively new and we haven’t been registered yet in Orange County. Give me some time!

You would  think gays would all work together to try and overcome everything that is against us. Instead, we are at each others’ throats. We are our own worst enemies!

I cannot comment on the situation until I am advised by my lawyer. When I can say more, I will. I really appreciate all the people that brought this slander to my attention and I thank you for your support.

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Saddleback Church Tries To Cure Gays

When we called the Saddleback Church to ask them if homosexuals were welcomed, we were told yes. My parter Sam and I went to services today and wore very “gay” clothes. It was kind of funny and you just had to be there.

Afterwards, a pastor informed us of Thursday night meetings for people who want to be cured of their homosexuality. The people that attend the programs are not only homosexuals, but alcoholics and others who are engaging in “inappropriate” behavior.

We will be attending this coming Thursday. Will we be cured of our evil homosexuality? Stay tuned to find out! .

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Gay Men Really Like James Franco

James Franco Rules

We did a poll of more than 200 gay men in Southern California and asked what man do you fantasize about the most. James Franco came in first with 28 percent of the vote. One guy said that he calls his pillow “The Franco” and does some pretty interesting things with it.

Barack Obama was followed closely by 25 percent. Some gay guys like him, others don’t. But apparently, many fantasize about him! Will Smith, whom many suspect is bisexual, came in third at 20 percent.

Other men gays fantasize about include Lady Gaga (LOL), Mark Ruffalo, Alex Rodriquez, and Mario Lopez.

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Britney Spears Is the World’s Number One Gay Icon

Britney Spears Rules Land of Gays

The Orange County Equality Project has polled gay men all over Southern California to find out who your favorite gay icon is. Here are the results:

Britney Spears—31 percent
Britney Spears has made a major comeback the past couple of years. Many gay men identify with her because of her self-destructive behavior that’s not a fault of her own. But she has made it back and will always be in our hearts.

Madonna—25 percent
Madonna has been at the number one position for years. She hasn’t put an album out in three years, so she has been less visibile to our community. You can expect her to return to number one later this year when she releases a new album.

Lady Gaga—22 percent
I still can’t figure out why gay men fall for the Lady Gaga scam. She’s a talentless singer who is being used by right-wing record executives in order to make gay people look bad. Besides, she is very hard on the eyes!

Katy Perry—12 percent
Katy Perry has something Lady Gaga never had—musical talent. Her song “Fireworks” has far more meaning than Lady Caca’s “Manufactured Born This Way.”

Others to make the list include Barack Obama, Perez Hilton, Hilary Clinton and Cher.


RIP Mary Brooke

Mary Brooke 1935-2011

My mother has passed away from cancer. It was a long fight and even though she lost, I hope her soul has found peace. My mother and I weren’t close because she didn’t accept me as gay. She always tried to get me to go to church so I could be cured.

Still, I remember my mother for the positive things. The woman who protected me from an abusive father. The woman who reported my 4th grade teacher to police for hitting me. The woman who raised four kids as a single mother after my father left.

Today is a sad day. But it has also brought a lot of smiles. When one goes away, the memories are clensed and we appreciate them for the good they have done.

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